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up - W

down - S

(un)pause - SPACE

It's fun to do stupid things when you are drunk. But what if you could drink, do stupid things and do sports at the same time? Like idk .. running a mile! .. naked.. and drunk. Of course, not everyone would be happy about your style, but hey - it's the performance that wins the medal right?

But all this can get you in biiig trouble if done in real life. Luckily, you can try it safely at home with Drunken Mile! All you need to do is to press W (up) and S (down) at the right time. Like running in real life - left foot, right foot,..

Drunken Mile is classic endless runner game at its early stages. I hope to test the core here and in case of positive feedback, develop the game to the full version for Windows and Android.

Please give me as brutal constructive feedback as possible! I will be glad for every comment, suggestion or bug you write! :)

fb: https://www.facebook.com/OMBattleship/

Install instructions

No special files or apps required to run the game.


Drunken Mile Web.zip 44 MB
Drunken Mile Windows.rar 45 MB
Drunken Mile Android.apk 24 MB

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