EDIT : using Google Play or mobile version recommended (web version lacks some key features due to me being unexperienced) 


Do not play this game if you suffer from epilepsia, depression, PTSD or if you have a weak heart.

Game is based on computer program in the short movie "He Dies At The End" by Damian Mc Carthy and is therefore sort of a fun-art.

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FearMobile.apk 27 MB

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A bit disappointed, what could i expect. Start was scary and very interesting, i answered and was expecting something interesting to happen. Except i got a cheap jeff the killer cosplay jumpscare. Just it saying "Have a nice day!" at the end would make it a LOT scarier, it just felt very predictable.

oh no jeff the killer.... whatever will i do... about his falcon scream...


Jeff is that you?

I feel safe 😂 It didn't find me.

okay very funny ha ha ha



i snaped my keyboard =D


It didn't tell me my location :/


Thanks for letting me know.

Were you using webrowser on your android device or did you download it?

I was playing in the browser on windows 10

Ah yes. Browser unfortunately doesn't support certain features like mobiles do. I will check the browser version from my PC right away. It should not have contained location request. 

For full experience I recommend trying  game on Google Play: